We’re standing more than ever before, and you might be too. Standing desks are becoming a widespread phenomenon, with more and more offices going stand-only across the world. But what if you could combine the best of both worlds? Standing desks offer many benefits for those who sit at their desks all day: reduced risk of obesity, back pain and other seated conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome; increased blood circulation; and improved posture and stress levels. However, there are some limitations to the standard standing desk that prevent it from being completely optimised.

What is an Omnidesk?

An Omnidesk is a new type of sit-stand desk that combines the best of a sit-stand desk and a treadmill desk. It’s a motorised desk that can be programmed to seamlessly transition between standing and sitting positions. It features a single large top surface with a soft anti-fatigue mat, as well as a sturdy desk frame with a built-in monitor mount. It can be used both as a desk for two people and as a single standing desk, with the ability to customise the desk settings and work height settings to each user’s preference.

The Benefits Of An Omnidesk

There are a number of significant benefits to using an Omnidesk as opposed to a traditional standing desk. Unlike a static standing desk, the Omnidesk has a wide range of ergonomic options. The user can switch between standing and sitting as desired, taking advantage of the benefits of both. The Omnidesk also provides the user with proprioception and body awareness, which can be lost while working on a static standing desk. This can help prevent strain and fatigue, leading to an improved user experience and productivity levels. Proper ergonomic positioning is necessary for reducing work-related back pain and other health issues. However, static standing desks can be difficult to use correctly, and many users struggle to stay in an ergonomic position for an entire workday.

Proprioception and body awareness

Static standing desks are notoriously difficult to use correctly, and many people struggle to stay in an ergonomic position for an entire workday. The Omnidesk addresses this problem by providing proprioception and body awareness. This means that the user can feel their own body position and adjust as necessary during use. It also allows users to take advantage of the proprioceptive benefits of sitting, without having to use a static sit-stand desk.

Easy ergonomic adjustments

The user can adjust the height and position of the desk while they’re using it, making it easy to find an ergonomically correct work position. This allows the user to transition between sitting and standing while they’re using the desk, taking advantage of the health benefits of both. The Omnidesk also allows the user to adjust the position of the monitor and keyboard to their individual preferences for maximum comfort and productivity.

Improves mental focus and productivity

Since the user has the freedom to sit or stand as needed, their mental focus is increased. This means that they are less likely to experience the common distractions associated with standing for too long. They also have the option to sit when their attention levels start to slip. This allows them to maintain focus throughout the day, resulting in higher productivity and fewer errors. The Omnidesk also has a built-in timer that tracks and displays the user’s time spent in each position. This is helpful for monitoring relative time spent in each position, as well as tracking improvement over time. This can be combined with other productivity tracking and management tools to provide useful data and insights.

Aesthetics and storage capacity

The single large top surface area of the Omnidesk means that it can store more than a standard standing desk. This can be particularly useful for creative industries and smaller offices, where it is beneficial to have more storage space at hand. What’s more, the desk surface is large enough to accommodate all of the necessary office equipment and tools, while still leaving enough room for a laptop or monitor. The built-in monitor mount is particularly useful, as it means that the monitor can be repositioned simply by lifting or moving it, rather than fiddling with clamps or unnecessary cords.

Final Thoughts

The Omnidesk is a great example of how standing desks are evolving and changing to meet the needs of the workforce. It combines the best of both worlds, offering the health benefits of a standing desk, with the ergonomic flexibilty of a sit-stand desk. It can be used as a single desk for two people or as a shared desk for two people, depending on the user’s preference. The Omnidesk is a modern desk solution with many useful features and benefits, such as proprioception, easy ergonomic adjustments, and a large storage capacity.

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